Private Voice Studio
“New to the ensemble is the Erda; Jacalyn Bower-Kreitzer sang her pronouncement with dark shadows, with the power and velvet tones it requires.” Duetsche Oper Berlin
Spandauer Berlin,
Hans-Jorg von Jena


After a 34 year and on-going singing career across the United States and Europe, I have joyfully and lovingly taught for many years, and choose to continue to do so now. 

I am proud to pass on the gentle, loving, great traditions of teaching given to me by my dear and beloved teacher, Herta Glaz, and coaches across the states and Europe.  I have studied carefully to be able to help further professional voices, help to repair injured voices, and strengthen voices for healthy belt performance.

Not only do I help professional and emerging professional singers with role and audition preparation, I also teach "Care and Repair of the Speaking and Singing Voice" classes through Cal Poly State University and in the community.   See  Voice Class Registration

In addition, I coach third line, subtext, beginning musicianship and movement, and critique monologues.  Lessons are recorded, and documents explaining practice technique and all aspects of vocal performance are provided.  It is important to give students the tools to help teach themselves.  

I am a "holistic" and positive teacher, and believe learning the proper technique of bel canto singing can help repair the life and health problems which sometimes prevent my students from living and singing joyfully, and I feel it is important to do my best to give students the tools to help teach themselves.

As a lecturer in voice at California Polytechnic State University, I founded and direct the Opera Workshop and performance classes and try to guide graduating and advanced students to move on in life, into careers and graduate programs.

As a studio teacher in a small town, I feel my responsibility is to help students find a way to fulfill their singing desires...whether it's helping a young pre-high school or high school student audition for local musical theatre productions, or prepare young adults for college entrance, or help other age groups find joy and healing in singing, through the church, the local choirs, or for fun!